Auto Parts & Automotive Machine Shop
Centereach, Long Island, New York

Are you sick of inexperienced countermen, late deliveries, and getting the wrong parts – even after you have provided the make, model, vin number and the production date?
Well then, you came to the right place! Centereach Auto Parts and Machine Shop has been providing support in the following areas to automotive service professionals like yourself for 43 years!

established 1961

  • Wholesale partsEPSON scanner image
  • Fully Equipped Computerized Machine Shop
  • All Kinds of Tubes and Fluid Hoses Fabricated
  • Fully Equipped Welding Shop
  • Monthly Specials

Click on the Hydraulics Shop to order any type of fluid or air conditioning hose assembly. We will fabricate any type of hose assembly or steel line to your specification , On-site same day service in most cases.

Click on the Machine Shop to look at photos of the top quality cylinder head rebuilding, flywheel cutting, cylinder reboreing, head milling, machining work, and our welding shop custom fabricating manifolds, repairing broken aluminum cases, repairing cracked cylinder heads and motorcycle frames.

Winter is here!
We’re open 24 hours when it’s snowing and we stock a complete line of snow plow parts and accessories.